Trance-meets-breaks with Sam Laxton's reinterpretation of 'The Last Defeat PT II'

Sam Laxton’s newly discovered passion for the trance-meets-breaks sound hits full throttle here with his masterly reinterpretation of Solarstone’s atmospheric 2010 release, featuring the vocals of Sunscreem’s Lucia Holm. Sam blends his crunchy breaks, warping bass & bouncy, futuristic synths with the cinematic drama of Solarstone’s timeless production.

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A main floor slammer for a new generation of trance fans.

The debut single from Solarstone & Obie Fernandez’ new project 892NOW (pronounced “Eighty-Nine to Now”), embracing faster BPMs for higher-octane trance. The 146 BPM ‘FELT’ has been road tested extensively by both Rich & Obie since being created in Mexico City at the beginning of 2023 & the combination of early 90s trance influences, a hypnotic vocal hook & sensational ‘Orc Drop’ make this a main floor slammer for a new generation of trance fans.

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Maarten de Jong adds firepower to 'Solarcoaster'

Reworking one of Solarstone’s most lauded releases, Dutch studio master Maarten de Jong adds considerable firepower to ‘Solarcoaster’. Supporting the iconic riff with pounding kick drums and high-energy acid lines, this rendition of the 2002 classic will be cracking dance floors for a long time to come.

Listen to Nall's blissful rendition of 'Seven Cities'

Elevating listeners toward the highest reaches of nostalgia-infused euphoria, Parisian DJ and producer Nall shows off the full extent of his production capabilities through this gorgeous remix of Solarstone’s ‘Seven Cities’. Sitting perfectly alongside Solarstone’s twenty-year-old Atlantis Mix and the recent reimagination from fan favorite Tom Staar, this blissful rendition makes for an unparalleled listening experience for everyone who needs amazing music to dream to.

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Boundary pushing in nature, outright epic in feel. Solarstone & Orkidea’s fifth ‘Slowmotion’ arrives today!

Your next singles engagement with ‘3’ - Solarstone’s most recent longplayer – comes (title-wise at least) in an agreeably familiar form. Brothers-in-musical-arms Solarstone & Orkidea today deliver an exceptional fifth entry to ‘Slowmotion’, their episodic co-production canon. A decade since the first, ‘V’ again represents the perfect dichotomy between the two artists’ respective sonics.

The fifth ‘Slowmotion’ is an exercise in sonic texture and contrast, albeit an Olympic scale. Matching one atypically ear-catching element against another, the duo assemble a musical tapestry that once heard will never be forgotten.

To this end Richard and Tapio play strikingly Deep Dish-y stabs off against lighter-touch synths, while its ass-shakin’ space-bass bounces atop its prog-cruise pace. Its build is measured, but once locked into its groove is unstoppable. When the pair finally lift the curtain on its esoteric, beamed-from-the-heavens lead line, ‘Slowmotion V’ summons atmospheres like no other.

Boundary pushing in nature, outright epic in feel, with Solarstone & Orkidea’s fifth ‘Slowmotion’ arrives today

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