A 138bpm tech-trance spin on S3000.

In 2021 Solarstone released with something rather special, named in honour of the legendary S3000 Akai Sampler which revolutionised electronic music production in the nineties. According to Solarstone “the creative use of samples in music production introduces a rich palette of sound-colour and diverse tonal elements…”. The track marked a revisitation of sample-driven Trance. Now Finland’s Peetu S (Spinnin’, Outburst, Perfecto, Borderline, High Contrast) puts a 138bpm tech-trance spin on S3000, keep its many sampled hooks (tribal congas, Star Trek ‘pings’ & vocal chants to name but 3) in place with a thunderous rhythm section, throaty bass line & the addition of a bustling star-reaching synth phrase.

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