LostLegend's 2023 revision of Shards.

Master of the compact title, Solarstone’s been on a single word roll over the last few months, letting the music behind ‘Sovereign’, Hope and ‘Vision’ do all the necessary ‘talking’.

While ‘Shards’ continues that run of succinctness, the track’s lineage dates back less months and more years. It was originally coded into ‘. . —’, Solarstone’s 2018 artist album, where it swiftly became a tracklist-favourite amongst fans. Featuring Solarstone on both its production and vocals, the singles-spotlight never quite reached ‘Shards’ though, despite its popularity.

That is up until today …

Over the last few years, Brenden Fitzpatrick’s LostLegend alias has been picking up all the right types of buzz. The Liverpudlian producer has been rotating his own original productions with tightly curated bootlegs and some highly imaginative official remixes (for Andy Duguid, Craig Connelly and others). That ultimately brought him onto Solarstone’s radar, who saw his skilful handling of vocals as key to a 2023 revision of ‘Shards’.

That’s been fully born out as Brenden’s rhythmically thumping prog backing and strummed guitar licks create a max-impact platform for Richard’s soul-baring words and song. One for those well in touch with their emotional side, LostLegend’s remix of ‘Shards’ receives its singles stripes today. You can find it on all good sales and streaming platforms from today.

01. Solarstone – Shards (LostLegend Mix)
02. Solarstone – Shards (LostLegend Extended Mix)

Sample-driven trance with Solarstone's S3000.

For his first release of the new year, Solarstone brings in 2021 with something rather special. Bursting with more hooks than a fisherman’s net, the aptly titled S3000 (named in honour of the legendary Akai Sampler which revolutionised electronic music production in the nineties) marks a revisitation of sample-driven Trance. According to Solarstone “the creative use of samples in music production introduces a rich palette of sound-colour and diverse tonal elements which could be considered lacking in today’s VST preset culture”. The music speaks for itself.


Boundary pushing in nature, outright epic in feel. Solarstone & Orkidea’s fifth ‘Slowmotion’ arrives today!

Your next singles engagement with ‘3’ - Solarstone’s most recent longplayer – comes (title-wise at least) in an agreeably familiar form. Brothers-in-musical-arms Solarstone & Orkidea today deliver an exceptional fifth entry to ‘Slowmotion’, their episodic co-production canon. A decade since the first, ‘V’ again represents the perfect dichotomy between the two artists’ respective sonics.

The fifth ‘Slowmotion’ is an exercise in sonic texture and contrast, albeit an Olympic scale. Matching one atypically ear-catching element against another, the duo assemble a musical tapestry that once heard will never be forgotten.

To this end Richard and Tapio play strikingly Deep Dish-y stabs off against lighter-touch synths, while its ass-shakin’ space-bass bounces atop its prog-cruise pace. Its build is measured, but once locked into its groove is unstoppable. When the pair finally lift the curtain on its esoteric, beamed-from-the-heavens lead line, ‘Slowmotion V’ summons atmospheres like no other.

Boundary pushing in nature, outright epic in feel, with Solarstone & Orkidea’s fifth ‘Slowmotion’ arrives today

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