Solarstone - Seven Cities (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix)

This reimagination of Seven Cities is everything you want it to be.

When a true progressive legend remixes one of trance music’s most revered classics, you get the purest form of magic. From the hands of Argentinean Hernan Cattaneo, this reimagination of Solarstone’s Seven Cities is everything you want it to be: melodious, dreamy and perfect to listen to for hours on end.

Listen to Nall's blissful rendition of 'Seven Cities'

Elevating listeners toward the highest reaches of nostalgia-infused euphoria, Parisian DJ and producer Nall shows off the full extent of his production capabilities through this gorgeous remix of Solarstone’s ‘Seven Cities’. Sitting perfectly alongside Solarstone’s twenty-year-old Atlantis Mix and the recent reimagination from fan favorite Tom Staar, this blissful rendition makes for an unparalleled listening experience for everyone who needs amazing music to dream to.

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