PT290 Solarstone & Super-Frog Saves Tokyo - Existence (Pierre Pienaar Remix)

A thumping #138bpm redux from Namibia’s Pierre Pienaar.

This sublime vocal-chant-led enchanter from Solarstone and long-time friend & musical collaborator Super-Frog Saves Tokyo receives a thumping #138bpm redux from Namibia’s Pierre Pienaar.

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A 138bpm tech-trance spin on S3000.

In 2021 Solarstone released with something rather special, named in honour of the legendary S3000 Akai Sampler which revolutionised electronic music production in the nineties. According to Solarstone “the creative use of samples in music production introduces a rich palette of sound-colour and diverse tonal elements…”. The track marked a revisitation of sample-driven Trance. Now Finland’s Peetu S (Spinnin’, Outburst, Perfecto, Borderline, High Contrast) puts a 138bpm tech-trance spin on S3000, keep its many sampled hooks (tribal congas, Star Trek ‘pings’ & vocal chants to name but 3) in place with a thunderous rhythm section, throaty bass line & the addition of a bustling star-reaching synth phrase.

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4ever (Mir Omar Remix)

New York's Mir Omar delivers an extraordinary remix of '4ever'.

Taken from Pure Progressive Vol. 3, 4ever was originally included on Solarstone’s 2008 album ‘Rain Stars Eternal’. New York’s Mir Omar (onedotsixtwo, 3rd Avenue, UV, Bonzai) has created an extraordinary remix which fuses a deep, percussive groove with the undeniably euphoric goosebump-inducing ‘4ever’ hooks making this something very special and crowd-pleasing.

Celebrating the 200th release on Pure Trance with a stellar remix of 'Herald'

Celebrating the 200th release on Pure Trance (established 2014) we present this stellar remix of Solarstone’s Herald by trance talent Corin Bayley. ‘Herald is one of those tracks with a long and interesting back story behind it – once of white labels, IDS and demands from fans for more information. Solarstone has been spinning this powerful melodic uplifting remix of the emotive ‘Herald’ as an ID for almost 2 years as a live set exclusive, always to a rapturous response – but now it finally gets a full release and will bring a bit of peace to those ID hunters who have been flagging it all along. Also included is the ‘Long Lost Version’. This version of Solarstone fan-favourite ‘Herald’ was the opening track of his now legendary 2014 Trancemission set and was held back for two years being originally tabled for a 2016 album project which morphed into part one of the ‘One’ triple album series. A club mix was eventually released in 2017 along with a remix from Transwave but this sought-after version never saw a release – until now.

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