Love at first listen.

Solarstone and Stine Grove have discog history together, though thus-far it’s an incomplete one. Stine’s released her solo material on Pure Trance and been remixed (on ‘Against The Flow’) by Solarstone. The pair hadn’t produced in direct conjunction though – a situation (given the above) that couldn’t be allowed to stand! In the middle of last year, the Danish singer reached out to Rich with a story, song and a thought, that might tie those final loose ends together!

Songs sourced from relationship experiences are common: Beatty, Brinkley, Kylie, Britney and near enough every one of Taylor Swift exs have become objects of lyrical inspiration. Electronic music though likes to keep it more positive, as you might be able to surmise from ‘The One’s title.

See, Stine had met Nikolaj, her ‘One’ and (as the singer explains here, it prompted a lyrical outpouring like few others, She sent the idea to Solarstone, who instantly fell in love himself – albeit with Stine’s song and the melody she’d written around it. Recording time was set aside and with production completed in December, Solarstone & Stine’s ‘The One’ drops today,

As the saying goes, ‘when you know, you know’ … and ‘The One’s all about that. Love at first listen!? Find out for yourself.

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Boundary pushing in nature, outright epic in feel. Solarstone & Orkidea’s fifth ‘Slowmotion’ arrives today!

Your next singles engagement with ‘3’ - Solarstone’s most recent longplayer – comes (title-wise at least) in an agreeably familiar form. Brothers-in-musical-arms Solarstone & Orkidea today deliver an exceptional fifth entry to ‘Slowmotion’, their episodic co-production canon. A decade since the first, ‘V’ again represents the perfect dichotomy between the two artists’ respective sonics.

The fifth ‘Slowmotion’ is an exercise in sonic texture and contrast, albeit an Olympic scale. Matching one atypically ear-catching element against another, the duo assemble a musical tapestry that once heard will never be forgotten.

To this end Richard and Tapio play strikingly Deep Dish-y stabs off against lighter-touch synths, while its ass-shakin’ space-bass bounces atop its prog-cruise pace. Its build is measured, but once locked into its groove is unstoppable. When the pair finally lift the curtain on its esoteric, beamed-from-the-heavens lead line, ‘Slowmotion V’ summons atmospheres like no other.

Boundary pushing in nature, outright epic in feel, with Solarstone & Orkidea’s fifth ‘Slowmotion’ arrives today

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