Happy New Year to all purists of #Trance music, as SOLARSTONE returns after last year’s corresponding opening party. With that a debut OPEN TILL CLOSE session in the UK and performed in DOLBY ATMOS SOUND, The Gallery’s inaugural event of 2018 is to specifically showcase ‘Pure Trance Volume 6’ – which features both established names with hot new talent. Hence a mantra to match The Gallery’s own, the sixth iteration of this famed compilation series will be presented within an unparalleled clubbing experience and the ‘Dolby Atmos’ technology.

A comprehensive sixty speakers added to Ministry’s existing installation will facilitate TWENTY TWO AUDIO CHANNELS – further enhanced by a bespoke lighting environment. When combined with SIX HOURS of ‘PURE TRANCE’ in unprecedented clarity, SOLARSTONE will segment his album as part of complex soundscapes strategically placed and shifted throughout The Box.

Here Solarstone picks a top track for each hour of his open till close session in The Box, for The Gallery’s 2018 opening party on January 5th.

Hour 1: Forerunners – “Just For A While”

Solarstone: I’ve used several Forerunners track in previous Atmos shows, and this one is also simply perfect with the low throbbing bass and kick glued to the main stack and the hypnotic pads and synths placed strategically around the 360 degree span of the club.

Hour 2: Gai Barone – “Shiny”

This is one of two tracks by Gai featured on Pure Trance 6. In my opinion this is one of Gai’s finest moments, and the multiple layers of synths & FX work brilliantly in the Dolby Atmos setting, arpeggios will rotate around the club (and around your head!) making a truly immersive experience.

Hour 3: RNX – “Atoms”

One of my favourites from Pure Trance 6, the spiralling arpeggiator sounds incredible when it sweeps around the room, creating something of a vortex – I programmed this back in May and when I tested it at Sound-Bar in Chicago (the only other club in the world with the Atmos sound system installed) you should have seen the look on the faces of the crowd – it’s really spectacular.

Hour 4: Allende – “10 Minutes to Infinity”

Such a brilliant track from Finland’s Anssi Hohti aka Allende. This one picks up the pace with it’s glorious pure trance emotional production, it has so many layers of riffs, synths and FX which lend themselves perfectly to the ‘whole room’ spread of Dolby Atmos, putting you right in the middle of the music. Sweeps go from ground-to-ceiling in this one, pads shimmer over your head and the acidic lines spin around the room sucking you in.

Hour 5: Solarstone – “Seven Cities (Pure Mix)”

I simply had to make a Dolby Atmos mix of this, when you hear the guitar echos bouncing around all over the places and that vocal sample coming down like the Voice of God from the overheads it’s incredible to thing that this one was produced almost 20 years ago. The Atmos placement of sounds creates an immersive feeling that previously only the effects of MDMA could induce. If you love this track, you simply have to hear it in Dolby Atmos.

Hour 6: Eco & Driftmoon – “Trust In The Wind (Cold Blue Remix)”

One for the latter part of the evening – a pounding #140 pure trance remix whose power and exhilaration are only intensified by the way that the Dolby Atmos mix enhances the spaciousness and lush production in the track. Juraj’s orchestral production is spaced around the room & combined with the solid Cold Blue drums & bass which are propelled from the main stack.

Solarstone plays 6 hours all night long in Dolby Atmos Sound on Friday January 5th. Ticket and more info here.

Original article: Ministry Of Sound.