Some records – despite their brilliance – get lost in the mists of time, that ‘Classic’ tag (prompting inclusion on countless compilations) proving elusive. Indica, released on Quad Communications back in 1995 is one of those tracks. At the time it was supported by Sasha, Digweed, Warren, Oakenfold – it’s a long list. It’s one of those tracks that makes you sit up and listen, with its simplistic production, ethereal vocal sample and rolling breaks ‘middle bit’ it locked in countless dance floors back when the trance scene was in its Zenith.

This Pure Mix by Solarstone is one of the key cuts from the forthcoming Pure Trance Vol. 7. It lovingly embraces what made Indica such a timeless record, applying just enough (but not too much) musical makeup to bring it up to date. The ‘middle bit’ from the original is firmly in place too, given a little frequency boost to make it sparkle on today’s high-end sound systems.

It’s out now on Pure Trance Recordings HERE