Fast into the single slipstream of Solarstone’s ‘island’ album last year fell the positively cyanic ‘When I Dream’. As summer summoning as they come, its glide into the blue was a tonic for all those starved of a trip to the Isle itself.

As hot-season dawns once again – by proxy of an astonishingly fine remix from man of the moment Kryder, Solarstone makes a timely return to the track.

After Jam El Mar’s beefing up ‘island’s ‘Restless 4.a.m.’ last month, Kryder’s swung the remix needle in the other direction. He’s dropped ‘When I Dream’ into an even deeper REM state, and one where its carry-you-away Balearic visions can become even more vivid and pulsing.

Tempo lowered, Kryder hardwires rolling bass undulation into its looping, engaging ever-evolving main melody. Hovering its detuned pianoforte evocatively in the midrange, through hypnotic tom-tom percussion he brings greater yet focus to its groove. Spilling the mix over from trance into progressive, his weave of beach ether, bass throb, FX drift and heat-hazed piano all meet on one sensationally moment-capturing remix.
Kryder’s killer ‘When I Dream’ remix arrives today – dreamtime is but a click away

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