Having together already co-created the prog-trance marvel ‘Slowmotion’, Solarstone and Scandinavia’s leading trance DJ Orkidea (of Unity / Beautiful / Year Zero / Killa / Metaverse fame) are ready to deliver their second ‘Touchstone’ touch. ‘Zeitgeist’ is the next track to stage a single release breakout from the album and Solaris Recordings have recruited some fine, fast-emerging remix talent to take it new places (and to different times of the night). First out of the hatch though is the Original mix, which, powered by its beguiling female vocals and fast, sweeping synths, makes short work of putting feet on the floor. The Smashing Atoms mix keeps the same general soundscape, but drops the tempo and adds a funkier bass-punch and tougher, stabbier effects. First to the remix forge is Germany’s Dennis Sheperd, who deploys tough drums, sharp percussion and driving bass to underpin his melodic-thru-euphoric transition. Tom Cloud gets tough on his version, using siren-like synths to build the tension and centring the female harmonies in the breakdown. Echoing and panning the vocals, he pays his remix off with a big tech-trance finaliser. Concluding the package is Tasadi rework, which rolls the bass, ramps up the drums and uses Solarstone’s ethereal sub-melody to deliver the big atmosphere! All trance tastes catered for… Select your weapon!

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