Last year, through ‘Sovereign’, ‘Mist On The Hill’, Hope and others, Solarstone was on a mission to hit some new melodic highs. While those types of feels certainly play their part in ‘Vision’, they are more the start point than the endgame to this extraordinary, boundary-breaking release.

A hybrid of his best-known-for sound, fused with elements you’ve never previously heard from his studio, Richard Mowatt brings us something every bit as visionary as his new single’s title suggests.

Each new Solarstone era has at least one single which touchstone’s his origin sound, and ‘Vision’ ensures the present one’s no exception. It is how the track uses trance as a transcending element to bring two or three other electronic music styles in though that truly sets it apart.

First and foremost, putting it out there that ‘Vision’ properly pumps … As in rockets-strapped-to-rollerskates, brace-for-impact pumps! Driven by its locomotive backing, it shifts lucidly from advanced trance to Chicago house, before ranging further to explore breakbeat and progressive natures. From there, it smart loops back to deliver its mightily, elevating finale. Not quite done yet, Rich expands its referential picture further still, drawing lyrical inspiration from the legendary ‘The Sound Of Silence’, to give it its “the vision was planted in my brain” vocal hook.

Kleinenberg-like prog sequences, Marshall Jefferson-worthy piano lines and ‘Seven Cities’-suggesting pads all ensure this release touches like no other. Clear the decks (both metaphorical and DJ!), cos this one’s turning the ingenuity up to 11! Experience it for yourself here.

01. Solarstone – Vision (Original Mix)
02. Solarstone – Vision (Extended Mix)

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