On his musical imagining of your first 24 hours on Ibiza, Solarstone used the ‘island’ album’s ‘Restless 4.a.m.’ to encapsulate that exact time of the clubbing night. A moody, pensive bass-heavy piece, with a portentous nod to ‘Tubular Bells’, it was a transitional tune that – in a ‘less-equals-more’ manner – brought the floor down a gear ahead of dawn’s big conclusion.

You may wonder who is behind the ‘Parametrik Mix’ of ‘Restless 4 A.M.’ … well it’s actually me… it’s not a new alias by the way – but I wanted to do a deeper, & more forceful / club-friendly version of the track which explored the ‘techno’ vibe of the original further, and the name ‘Parametrik’ just kind of popped into my head.

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