April of 2017 brought the release of Solarstone’s . – – – – album. Widely praised as a standalone item, its ultimate purpose was (and is) yet to be fully clarified. April 2018 brought (with one less dash but an extra Morse dot) the 2nd album in the series, namely . . – – -. One album became two, and with it another sizeable clue to its endgame.

There’s only one of the second album’s number that can lay claim to its most epic tag however – and that’s Motif. Big of riff, bold of pace and bass, it builds without pause over 5 minutes to deliver a drop that’ll leave clubber gasping and floor reeling. The 6/4 structure and question/answer melodic nuances of Motif summons reminiscences of EyeQ’s seminal mid-nineties releases such as Brainchild Symmetry and Cygnus X’s Orange Theme.

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