Journey north out of Perth and you’ll find a dot on the coastal map that’s garnered something of a post-gig need-to-see rep with DJs travelling out that way. Don’t let that title fool you though, as this place delivers profound experiences of a less-simian and more dolphin-communing variety. Ones profound enough too it seems for Solarstone to tag his latest track with it.

Joining him for the ride is Future Disciple, who, not un-coincidentally is a resident of those Western Australian parts and likely the man that set Solarstone on course to Monkey Mia in the first place.

The track – well, if after that intro you’re expecting anything other than a transcendental, suck-you-in trance-trip, best think again! Halcyon circling piano notes, sub-Saharan chants, moving melodies, elegant key changes and a won’t-quit bassline combine on its new Club Mix expansion, all making for seven wholly unforgettable minutes of music.

Given all this mind-expanding epic-ness, most spinners natural inclination will be to get ‘Monkey Mia’ as late-night/main-set as possible. Solarstone’s way ahead of you though, parachuting David Forbes into the track’s remix slot. Suffice to say Hal Stucker this is not! Through a top-end tempo, bass-surge, tech-flex, acrid acid and an absolute shirt ripper of a mainline, this sonic force of nature is very much the beast to Solarstone & Future Disciple’s beauty.

Red pill or blue, it’s all here and yours for the choosing!


01: Solarstone & Future Disciple – Monkey Mia (Club Mix)
02: Solarstone & Future Disciple – Monkey Mia (David Forbes Remix)

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