Originaly featured on Solarstone’s 2007 album ‘Rain Stars Eternal’, ‘Breakaway’ reappeared on the radar when Dj Feel (aka Philip Belikov, arguably Russia’s biggest Dj) sent over a remix of the track he had agreed to record in 2007, and after 3 years lost in a time space continuum Feel finally finished the mix in 2011. For anyone not familiar with the 80’s infused electro Original, it features the vocals of San Francisco’s Alex Karweit, a vocalist with a power, depth and aggression rarely found in the electronic music scene. Solarstone’s Phuture Mix: Happy to use Dj Feel’s impromptu remix as an excuse to give ‘Breakaway’ a spankingly new re-rub himself, Solarstone has blown the dust off and turned in a tough, throbbing, driving, tech infused and arpeggiated pounding trance remix. Stripping the track back to raw ingredients from the off, the original melodies are delivered via degraded and heavily filtered leads, vocal parts are stuttered and heavily processed and a KILLER groove emerges from the layers of pulsating synth patterns. Solarstone’s Phuture Dub: A stripped back vocal stuttered & dubbed out rewire of the Phuture Mix which focuses on that killer groove for those darker moments. Dj Feel Remix: Whatever took Philip 4 years we have no idea, but his remix consisting of phat retro snare hits, side chained riffs, chopped guitar samples from the original and a neat breaks-driven breakdown all create just the right combination of trance, electro and house elements to rock any main room.

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