If you like your trance intelligent and forward thinking, look no further than Part II of the Slowmotion trilogy. Finland’s finest Orkidea & Pure Trance missionary Solarstone have created a unique piece of constantly evolving & mutating Pure Trance music, with remixes taken from Orkidea’s ’20 – Remixed’ album. In its 128bpm Original Mix the first thing to twist the mind is the probably previously-unheard-of-but-still-danceable 7/8 time signature in the main body of the track. The mesmeric lead melody surfaces at the break, and from thereon in builds and develops to a stung crescendo. First up on remix duties are fellow Finlanders Winkee. Opting for a more traditional 4/4 approach, the guys develop the bell arpeggios and fizzy synth melodies into a lush pure trance landscape, with a huge payoff at the drop. Another Finlander recruited for a remix of Tempo Guisto, another producer who likes to experiment with unusual time signature combinations, he toughens up the groove a little and adds a triplet-timed building arpeggio line to build tension before the break. It’s pedal to the metal all the way mid-break, with futuristic layers of sound combining into something truly special. Mesmeric.

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