01. Voyager II (with Robert Nickson)
02. Slowmotion V (with Orkidea)
03. Rainbow King (with Julie Scott)
04. Sky
05. Landmark (with Lostly)
06. Endeavour
07. Monkey Mia (with Future Disciple) (5:44)
08. Spirit (with Activa) (4:56)
09. Indestructible (with Betsie Larkin) (6:58)
10. Father (with Gai Barone) (5:04)

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With ten compositions making up ‘3’s runtime (increased from the eight of its preceding two albums) Solarstone’s final action has a fan-thrilling weight about it. With the first two longplayers respectively marked as ‘deep’ and ‘uplifting’, it was clear at its earliest production stage that this would be the ‘collaboratory’ one. That’s born out by its extensive list of co-producers, writers and singer/songwriters. The album features team-ups with fellow studio-heads including Robert Nickson, Orkidea, Lostly, Future Disciple, Gabriel & Dresden, Activa, and Gai Barone. Further it’s afforded Richard the opportunity to reteam with Julie Scott and Betsie Larkin – two of the voices behind some of his most applauded contemporary work.


As the overall project itself, this album is as inherently ‘Solarstone’ as they come – the very embodiment some might say (not least Solarstone himself). It a compression of downtempo pieces which give contrast to its club-connected, higher altitude numbers. Elsewhere there are soul-touch vocals and endlessly interpretable lyrics – each with their own unique nature. There are tracks like ‘Sky’ that will cheer the long-term fan and ones like ‘Slowmotion V’ (his fifth collaboration with Orkidea) that anchor it to ‘1’ & ‘2’. It also features works that affect like ‘Father’, those that lyrically intrigue (‘Rainbow King’), innovate (no better example than the G&D co-written ‘Endeavour’) and uplift – ‘Monkey Mia’ and ‘Spirit’ to point to just two.


Dropping November 01, the album will naturally be available to stream or download. Additionally it will also arrived as single CD, or a triple-album set (both in boxset form) complete with an eminently collectable/frameable set of art cards and 3 wristbands. All formats are available to pre-order from today.


Released November 1st.