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Super-Frog Saves Tokyo – Straw Man (CD)

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Super-Frog Saves Tokyo – Straw Man

Released 08.04.2022.

01. Pressure Point
02. Kyoto
03. Black Mountain
04. Lament
05. Air Brake
06. Barn Burning
07. Higher
08. Petrichor
09. Beautiful Surfaces
10. Ark

Super-Frog Saves Tokyo isn’t your umpteenth Marvel offshoot, nor is it the title to some obscure B-rated gem from the odd Japanese sci-fi heyday. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo is the alias of Bristol-based producer David Harrison, a musician who has taken part in many touring acts over the years but was yet to deliver a record of his own. That is mission accomplished with David’s debut solo album, “Straw Man” – a pulsating ten-track odyssey grinding a busy palette of epic-sized buildups and kinetic visions, equally primed for peak-time ball game and off-piste elevation.

Laser blasters blazing and city blocks exploding in slo-mo, S-FST goes ballistic with the hi-velocity rides and thunderous machine talk. The nervy “Pressure Point” gets the ball rolling in a hybrid style of static-filled offness and intricate programming. Combining the delicate melodic signature of Easternmost folk with a bubbling and bursting sound design, “Kyoto” lets the hounds of acid loose as a tempest of hard-hitting, droney EBM swashes upon us wildly. A more incisive, steely kind of swing innervates the industrial-informed “Black Mountain”, while “Air Brake” treats us to a bassy, 303-marinated workout reminiscent of Josh Wink’s days of glory. Casting off to cotton-clad, vaporous heights, “Higher” reels out as a velveteen dream, flush with indolent drums and processed synthwaves warm as a lover’s hand under the sun.

The album also has its floating interludes to let your brain and body wander, such as the Kosmische-friendly “Lament” and futuristic ambient of the soul-elevating “Barn Burning”. A more understated affair, “Petrichor” resuscitates the finest of the golden Rephlex era, ushering us in a Bochum Welt-ian trip for the brain and senses. The breaks-splattered “Beautiful Surfaces” for its part showcases Harrison’s impeccable technical yet soulful maneuvering of textures and dynamics, as “Ark” rounds the package off on a pure mind-bending Goa trance type of unrelenting show-off. For a debut instalment, Super-Frog Saves Tokyo does more than dishing out a clean copy, he undeniably asserts himself as an artist with a vision far exceeding the deceptive “debut” status carried by that all-round impressive “Straw Man”.


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