Pure Trance Vol. 6
Vinyl Edition


Solarstone – Pure Trance Vol. 6 Vinyl Edition

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Solarstone pres. Pure Trance Vol. 6 Vinyl Edition
(Released 02.02.2018)

A1 Gai Barone – Shiny (Extended Mix)
A2 Matter – The Bends (Extended Mix)
B1 Andromedha – Why We Fall (Extended Mix)
B2 Slam Duck – Mercury II (Extended Mix)
B3 RNX – Atoms (Extended Mix)
C1 Forerunners – Just For A While (Extended Mix)
C2 David Forbes DJ/Producer Official pres. Hal Stucker – Monolith (Extended Mix)
C3 Tencode – You ll Never Know (Extended Mix)
D1 Solarstone – A State of Mind (Mike Saint-Jules Interstellar Extended Mix)
D2 Martin LeBlanc & Nick Silvestri – Turning The Tide (Extended Mix)
D3 Tim Verkruissen & Monoverse – While The City Sleeps (Extended Mix)
E1 David Broaders – Rumspringa (Extended Mix)
E2 Peter Steele Music – Renaissance (Extended Mix)
E3 Corin Bayley Music – Crowd Vision (Extended Mix)
F1 Raz Nitzan & Moya Brennan – Find The Sun (Solarstone Extended Remix)
F2 Danny Eaton vs. Andain – Concentration Summer Calling (Extended Mix)
F3 Vince Schuld – Altered Nature (Extended Mix)
G1 Factor B – Invidius (Extended Mix)
G2 Eco – The Lonely Soldier (Solarstone Extended Pure Mix)
H1 Sholan & F.G. NOISE – Broken Stars (Extended Mix)
H2 Lostly – Colorways (Extended Mix)
H3 Allan Morrow – When They Are Gone (Extended Mix)

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