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Pure Trance Vol. 5 – Mixed by Forerunners, Solarstone & Sneijder


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Pure Trance Vol. 5
(Digital Download – Released 28.10.2016)

Life. There are few guarantees. A Pure Trance event however is one of them. Indeed one you can bet your night on. Zero genre hybridisations, no clunky stylistically convulsions and an outright ban on artistic vanity – all fitted as standard. And, as ever, maintaining the highest vigilance over this virtuosity is P.T.’s mastermind and arch arbiter of trance purity, Solarstone. Year on year for the last five, his movement has shifted tectonically from the trance fringes to the epicentre of the scene. Once the sole preserve of its disenfranchised, it’s now the place that the trance centre-ground calls home. To mark 5 years of helping put the music back on the righteousness path, through its ‘V5’ release, Pure Trance is raising its game, upping its ante and – again – kicking things up a notch!

While stylistically Pure will forever mean Pure, its latitude for mood, tone, feel and tempo has few limits. In 2016, Pure Trance the album has been recast in the image of Pure Trance the night. It‘s moved from a twin to a three-disc/mix, giving it the ability to comprehensively reflect the beginning-to end experience. From the slopes of trance progressive to the peakier ridges of melodic & uplifting, through to its hard-rocking pinnacle, ‘PTV5’ illustrates it in – near enough – real time.

By virtue of this development, it also finds itself able to reflect the numerical rise in DJs spinning inside Pure’s precinct. To-date, Solarstone’s co-mix cohorts have included Giuseppe Ottaviani, Bryan Kearney, Orkidea and Gai Barone. Heeding the call of the Pure and joining the honour role in 2016 are front-liner Sneijder, as well as cult trance figure Forerunners. Add Solarstone’s mix-input and that means 33% more trance-bang for you buck!

Disc 1 – Mixed by Forerunners

01. Foxhill – Supermassive (Forerunners Digital Shamans Edit)
02. Biologik – Grey Skies
03. Solarstone & Forerunners – Dying Star
04. Nick Stoynoff – Omni
05. Phil Martyn – Phosphorous
06. Evgeny Lebedev – Deep Thoughts
07. Namatjira – Illuminar
08. Insert Name – Apo
09. John 00 Fleming – Chemical Equilibrium (Subandrio’s ‘Global Mission’ Remix)
10. Leo G – Supersonic (Gai Barone Remix)
11. Soulfinder & Shane Robinson – Dopamine (Forerunners Remix)
12. Forerunners – Prism
13. Jelly For The Babies & Odison – Utopia
14. Marcin Przybylski – Werther Effect
15. Tom Bro – Morning Light
16. Horizons – Last Stop Bloemendaal

Disc 2 – Mixed by Solarstone

01. Simon Bostock – Marrakech (Intro Reconstruction)
02. Suncatcher & Exolight – Nothing Like You
03. Peter Steele – Gull (Reconstruction)
04. Tony Anderson – Eyes Wide Open (Robert Nickson Remix)
05. Matt Smith – Trance Nation vs. Saint-Saëns – Aquarium (Solarstone Reconstruction)
06. Solarstone – Release (Amir Hussain Extended Remix)
07. peakXperience – Nostalgia
08. Ocean State – Gods
09. Westlake & Jennifer Rene – Where You Are (Chris Metcalfe Remix)
10. Solarstone & Ferry Tayle – Lifeline
11. Mea Culpa – The Child (Alan Banks Remix Reconstruction)
12. Russell G – Driven
13. Paul Denton – The Way Back
14. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Christian Burns – Brightheart (OnAir Mix)
15. Alan Morris – Digital Eye
16. Eco with Driftmoon – Trust In The Wind
17. Solarstone – Lost Hearts (UDM Remix)

Disc 3 – Mixed by Sneijder

01. Lostly – By Morning You’ll Be Gone (Pure Trance Intro Mix)
02. Paul Webster & McAree & Clancy – Snake (Extended Mix)
03. Will Atkinson – Till Dawn (Original Mix)
04. Sneijder – Without You Here
05. Chris Metcalfe – Orbit
06. Mesh – Purple Haze (Mark Leanings Remix)
07. Paul Denton – Yellow Leaf
08. Sneijder & Katty Heath – The Only Place (UCast Remix)
09. Mike Sanders – Curfew
10. Allen Watts & Jak Aggas – Spitfire
11. Nick Callaghan – Fandango
12. Mike Sanders – Gine
13. Nick Callaghan – Live For Today (Extended Mix)
14. Audiofire (UK) – Charaka (Yeke Yeke Edit)
15. Will Rees – Weapon (Original Mix)
16. Sam Jones – Brainstorm
17. The Space Brothers & Mark Sherry – Let It Come (Darren Porter Remix)
18. Sneijder – Resolute (Shugz Remix)
19. Mario Piu – Thunderstruck (Voolgarizm Mix)

*Note this Digital version contains all Single Tracks, plus 3 Continuous Mixes & the Digital Booklet.


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