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Pure Trance Vol. 4
(Digital Download – Released 20.11.2015)

Rewind, just 5 short years, and the expression ‘Pure Trance’ was no more than one artist’s encapsulation of his own output. Over the course of the following 12 months that solidified into his mission statement, before he catalysed it into a scene-wide, ‘brighter day’ battle cry. It tapped into the fans shared consciousness, caught the current and nailed their prevailing mood: Pure Trance had become pure zeitgeist! With rolling-boulder momentum, it gathered pace, hijacking Trance’s centre-ground. Now, (still, at just the tender ‘age’ of 4), Pure Trance has established itself as the genre’s new bedrock… And a firmer one, few could wish for. At the centre of this singularity is Solarstone, the man who sketched the blueprint, authored the manifesto and set said boulder in motion. Through his ‘Presents Pure Trance’ series (co-mixed to-date by fellow P.T. laureates Orkidea, Giuseppe Ottaviani & Bryan Kearney), the albums’ have established themselves as the wiki of 21st century trance purity. Right on cue, this November sees Solarstone issue the fourth in his series. Co-mixing the 2015 edition is Gai Barone, and with it the Italian drafts cooler, deeper (but no-less-Pure!) ether.

Disc 1:
01. Wellenrausch – Die Maschine In Mir
02. Slam Duck – Leaving Places
03. Tom Bro – Waves
04. Forerunners  – Lost In Translation
05. TFF & Steve Carniel – Fusion
06. Audio Noir – Natsuzora
07. Henrik Zuberstein – Elicit Response
08. Mark Found – Stellar Spectrum
09. Gai Barone – Blank Pages
10. Jason van Wyk, Stephen J. Kroos & JPL – Sun Rising
11. Solarstone & Gai Barone – Fata Morgana
12. Harmonix – Lucid Dream
13. Empathy Test – Here Is The Place (Thomas Datt Dub)
14. Jamie Baggotts – New Wave
15. Melodica – Abyss

Disc 2:
01. Chicane – Ibiza Strings (Solarstone Retouch)
02. Stine Grove – Against The Flow (Solarstone Pure Mix)
03. Peter Steele – Mantra
04. Temple One – Santiago (PTIV Edit)
05. Ciaran McAuley – Maria
06. Solarstone – Eastern Sea (Liam Wilson Remix)
07. Röyksopp – I Had This Thing (Solarstone Pure Mix)
08. Aly & Fila with Aruna – The Other Shore (Solarstone Pure Dub)
09. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Sneijder – Nero (Solarstone Retouch)
10. RNX – Colorado (PTIV Edit)
11. Solarstone & Basil O’Glue – Infatuation
12. Woody van Eyden with Azima & Alexander Borisov – The Dawn (Till Dusk Mix)
13. Pulser – My Religion (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Re-Lift)
14. Above & Beyond ft. Richard Bedford – Thing Called Love (Arksun Filmscape Mix)
15. Bjorn Akesson – Paper Dreams (PTIV Edit)
16. Factor B – Sacrosanct (PTIV Edit)


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