What would the world look like if adults built relationships in the same carefree manner as children? Drawn from her recollection-themed Ghost Of The Light album, that’s the intriguing focus of Emma Hewitt’s new single.

With the song-centric album version already beguiling fans and baiting radiowaves, Emma has teamed up with Solarstone to cross ‘Children’ over into the clubs.

Musically, Emma and Solarstone have built a production that sets its crosshairs squarely on primetime. Driven by an accelerated tempo, pulsating bass and an energized sub-riff, it’s opening minutes brilliantly build ‘Children’s mood. As it drops into the break, they strip it all back to put the spotlight on Emma’s spirit-filled words, before Solarstone’s spinning melodies and aerodynamic synths take it to peak rapture.

Emma Hewitt and Solarstone’s ‘Children’ collaboration hits stores and floors from today.

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