How does Solarstone follow the month that saw the release of his landmark ‘3’ album, the ‘One’ LP boxset and ‘Pure Trance Vol. 8’!? Well, no more aptly or fitting a way than through the singling out of his first co-production union with ‘Pure Trance Vol. 8’s co-mixer, Activa!

‘Spirit’ receives its Club Mix stripes this week and along with it comes a masterclass in the true art of trance from two of the scene’s most resolute. A track clubfloors will remember long after 2019’s dance is done, Solarstone & Activa’s shared ‘Spirit’ flows your way today.

Brilliantly walking the thematic line, ‘Spirit’ balances equal degrees heart and heat. By turns, over its eight straight minutes, the English producers’ feed progressive percs, acidic curl, blissed out vocals and rapacious lift into its system. Rich bass, coursing sub-melodies and a cultured mainline all assemble around an ether-soaked drop delivering a track that’ll leave no chest un-swelled! Christmas ‘Spirit’ reimagined, start getting seasonal through all good download stores and streaming outlets today!