Solarstone and Orkidea. Extended sets. All Night Long.

Pure Trance and Amsterdam go hand in hand. It’s a love affair that was first ignited in 2012, when Solarstone celebrated the official launch of the Pure Trance movement. 7 years, 7 incredible editions of Amsterdam Dance Event and countless moments with thousands of worldwide trance lovers sharing their devotion for the scene, later – Pure Trance is proud to announce its return to Dutch soil.

Two Pure Heroes: Solarstone + Orkidea

On Friday October 18th, Solarstone’s Pure Trance welcomes you to the world’s biggest club festival, ADE, with an exclusive, intimate club night. That night, the Amsterdam waters will tremble to the sound of two Pure heroes: Solarstone and Orkidea. Extended sets, all night long.

Think Sasha and Digweed. Adam Beyer and Carl Cox. Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz. Musical synergy, uniting two masterminds, each showcasing their own take on the entire spectrum of trance music.  Being part of the trance scene for over 2 decades, Solarstone and Orkidea have earned their stripes in the ever-evolving electronic dance music scene.


Solarstone, headmaster and flagbearer of the Pure Trance movement, explains why he chose to do extended sets for this year’s ADE special: “Orkidea is one of my oldest music business friends and I'm possibly his biggest fan, I can't think of anybody with whom I would like to share the decks with more for this all-night long show, it's going to be very special.”


Finland’s Orkidea, a loyal yet open-minded ‘Purist’, knows exactly how to deal with an extended set, feeling right at home in the city that breathes electronic dance music. Orkidea:“Amsterdam is the place where it all started so it is the perfect place to connect with the global trance family while redefining the sound of Pure Trance for 2020 and beyond.

We Houden Van Amsterdam.

Throughout the years, Pure Trance at ADE has taken place in several different venues across the Dutch capital, attracting fans from all across the globe, with enticing line-ups of renowned names and rising talents, an ever-present feel-good atmosphere and a show that focuses on the music itself.

This year, Pure Trance sets sail with the Docks 1 Boat. A special, high-end events boat with a capacity of 600, that docks right behind Amsterdam Central Station, and sails the Amstel during the night.

An exclusive amount of 100 early bird tickets (€27,50) will be available via from June 18th on. We offer special combo tickets with Black Hole Recordings’s ADE Night on Saturday October 19th – an early bird combo ticket offering access to both nights is €50,-.  

Solarstone presents Pure Trance ADE 2019

Line-up: Solarstone & Orkidea

Date: Friday October 18th, 22.00-05.00hr

Venue: Docks 1 boat, De Ruyterkade 14, Amsterdam (behind Amsterdam Central Station)

Boarding: 22.00-23.00hr. Departure: 23.00 - 05.00hr.

Tickets via

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Show some love for Solarstone.

It's one of our favourite polls of the year and its now open for voting. The Trancepodium Top 100 DJ Poll 2019 is welcoming thousands of trance fans in the next few weeks to submit their vote for their top of best DJs from the past 12 months. Last year Rich made it all the way up to 9... will 2019 hold another top 10 spot for him? If you enjoyed his sets, mixes and radioshows this year - we'd love for you to show some love for Solarstone in this year's poll!

The poll closes June 26th, 2019. Vote here

Solarstone remixes this year's Eurovision Song Festival winner 'Arcade'

Make sure to check out Solarstone's unofficial remix of Netherlands born Duncan Laurence's emotive winning Eurovision entry, as premiered during last month's Australia / USA / Taiwan tour - now available to listen on his Soundcloud.

'All Comes Back To You' gets Purified.

Under his ReOrder alias, the last 12 years have seen Tibor Tomecko bring clubfloors an expansive range of trance riches. Taken from his debut album IAMREADY, the Slovakian dropped its vanguard single through Black Hole Recordings September 2018.

An outing as emotionally elevating, as it is floor-forceful, All Comes Back To You has set a mighty precedent for his long-player. Now to top it all of mister Pure Trance takes All Comes Back To You to another level.

While channeling the themes of ReOrder’s original vision, Solarstone sends the track into deep trance space. Close your eyes and prepare to get elevated by this warm and intense piece of pure trance.

Out now on Pure Trance Recordings in its expanded version.

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Deep and dark, expansive and Pure.

The stunning original version of ‘When Faith Fades’ by Jack Høye was released on Pure Progressive last year, it was deep and dark - but hinted at something more expansive – a further development of its melodies and progressions.

For Pure Trance Vol. 7 Solarstone retraced its steps - expanding it into one of his most ambitious Pure Mixes to date, full of lush melodic twists & turns, a beautiful, breakdown and a driving arrangement which never relents on its power and urgency. Now it is here in its full ‘Expanded’ glory.

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Thank You for voting!

Thank You for supporting Pure Trance and myself in the 2018 Trance Podium Awards!


The second coming of Shield.

The second coming of Shield, Rich Solarstone once again delves into his string section for PT. II.

Finding that infinite equilibrium between acoustic guitars and other string family associates, he frames them around an initially filmic intro and latterly, surging, FX-flush trance.

Expanded, epic!

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Pure Trance Couple Packages: in love with our merch!

As all members of the trance family know, trance really is all about love. Music connects people from all across the globe, so it’s no wonder that many lovers find their significant other on the dance floor, or discover a friendship that lasts for years.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Pure Trance delivers just the right gift for trance couples or best friends: a matching pair of tees or tanktops!

You're So Cool

The ‘You’re So Cool’ & ‘No, You’re So Cool’ pack is there for the Solarstone devotee, and the ‘Heart’ & ‘Connected’ set follows the statement made in the Vadim Zhukov track that Solarstone reconstructed on Pure Trance Volume 7.

Heart Connected

Two unique and high quality pieces of Pure Trance merchandise, available via our shop or simply by clicking here.

Pure Trance Radio Expanded.

A new year means new territories to discover, more good times to be had and even more awesome music to share! One of Solarstone’s new year’s resolutions is to bring you more live music experiences, and that’s exactly what we’ll bring you with Pure Trance Radio Expanded

Every other week, at 8PM (CET) on Saturday, Pure Trance Radio Expanded brings previously recorded live sets and guest mixes from beloved Pure Trance artists, as well as special editions of the radio show. And the best thing is: sometimes, you get to choose which set will air!

Running live on YouTube, Twitch, Periscope and Facebook, you and your trance friends get to enjoy a night out, without having to move anywhere.
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So keep an eye on the Solarstone and Pure Trance socials for voting and announcements, and enjoy Pure Trance Radio Expanded soon!

Craig Connelly revamps 'Jewel'

Back in 2012 I recorded 'Jewel' with Clare Stagg, it was one of my favourites from the 'Pure' album.

Craig Connelly reached out to me back in February '18 saying: "How do you feel about me remixing Jewel? Its one of my favourite trance tracks of the last decade, would love to have a bash at it". Of course, I said: 'Yes' & "Do you think you could get it finished before ASOT next week?". He did, I debuted it at ASOT850 & now after almost a year of teasing, it's out on Friday the 4th of Jan in its full length glory. Thanks Craig for a super remix.

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