Solarstone’s collaboration with modular synth wizard 'Dreams of Wires'

Drawn from the arsenal of Electronic Architecture Vol. 4, this is Solarstone’s collaboration with modular synth wizard Wayne Taylor. Created from a modular synth demonstration by Dreams of Wires. Kicked off with Electro breaks and murky synths, ‘Equilibrium’ drives home an evolving and hypnotizing motif with rolling bass, spring reverb splashes, retro 606 percussion, swelling pads & acidic undertones.

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Electronic Architecture 4 Deconstructed

1. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo – Lament (EA4 Version) 03:28
2. Nick Silvestri – Little Things (Solarstone Reconstruction) 05:12
3. Vincent Lewis – Pulse Train 06:04
4. Xabiso – Children of the Night (Solarstone Reconstruction) 08:39
5. Dan-Andrei Zinca – Wildflower (Extended Mix) 05:43
6. V-Ti – Space Dogs (Solarstone Reconstruction) 06:19
7. Passive Progressive – Fluke (Solarstone Reconstruction) 05:52
8. Forerunners – Sunreturn 07:51
9. When I Dream (Kryder Remix EA4 Version) 06:32
10. Basil O’Glue – Take Me on Your Flight 07:48
11. DISCO19 – Sea of Stars (Solarstone Reconstruction) 06:25
12. Pale Blue Dot (EA4 Version) 05:56
13. Lostly – We’re Descending (EA4 Version) 06:11
14. Solarstone & Orkidea – Slowmotion VI (EA4 Version) 08:07
15. Coredata – 94 (EA4 Version) 10:05
16. MK8 – Breathe (Extended Mix) 05:06
17. Men-D – Dropped by The Gods vs Stowers & Coopers – Shattered Skies (Acapella) 06:22
18. Alucard – Midway 04:39
19. Gary Afterlife – Wavering Light (Solarstone Reconstruction) 05:11
20. ZOYA – Bright Star (Solarstone Reconstruction) 06:27
21. Shadow Realm – Other Side of the Sky (EA4 Version) 08:05
22. Martin LeBlanc – Lagom (EA4 Version) 07:59
23. Glynn Alan – Limitless (Extended Mix) 08:26
24. Super-Frog Saves Tokyo – Kyoto (Solarstone Reconstruction) 08:22
25. Macker – Lost in Space (Simon Bostock Remix EA4 Version) 07:35
26. Stoneface & Terminal – Lose My Need (Solarstone Reconstruction) 11:04
27. Solarstone & Dreams of Wires – Equilibrium (EA4 Version) 07:32
28. Alucard – Phoenix 03:48

The Deconstructed edition of Electronic Architecture Vol. 4 is released today, featuring full, unedited / extended mixes of all tracks.

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'Rediscover' the new Young Parisians single.

Young Parisians is a side project I last used 14 years ago. I decided to resurrect it as a home for this low bpm progressive, melodic groove featuring this fabulous vocal from the wonderful Katherine Amy. It’s a defiantly optimistic record, best served with sunshine.

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The second remix package of Solarstone’s evergreen classic.

Complementing the earlier remixes of Chris Schweizer and Ferry Tayle, the second remix package of Solarstone’s evergreen classic rocks today’s music culture with an irresistible sense of nostalgia. Celebrating its twenty-year anniversary a second time through Alex Di Stefano’s supercharged rendition, Kristina Sky’s mellow Pacific Coast Remix and a club-tailored edit from Factor B under his Highlandr alias, this three-track selection pushes fans back into the days of old whilst simultaneously charming its way into the hearts of the newer generations.

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Not quite a remix, but more than an edit.

The acclaimed Electronic Architecture 4 compilation features 12 of Solarstone’s ‘Reconstructions’. Not quite a remix, but more than an edit – the ‘deep mixing’ of the EA series involves layering of individual stems from component tracks, often resulting in something quite different from the Artists’ original vision of the piece – a standalone revision. This EP features two – a tempo & energy raising of Super-Frog Saves Tokyo’s momentous modular crafted ‘Kyoto’ and a re-carving of the sumptuously melodic & airy ‘Bright Star’ from ZOYA.

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Dreamtime is but a click away - Kryder’s killer ‘When I Dream’ remix arrives today.

Fast into the single slipstream of Solarstone’s ‘island’ album last year fell the positively cyanic ‘When I Dream’. As summer summoning as they come, its glide into the blue was a tonic for all those starved of a trip to the Isle itself.

As hot-season dawns once again – by proxy of an astonishingly fine remix from man of the moment Kryder, Solarstone makes a timely return to the track.

After Jam El Mar’s beefing up ‘island’s ‘Restless 4.a.m.’ last month, Kryder’s swung the remix needle in the other direction. He’s dropped ‘When I Dream’ into an even deeper REM state, and one where its carry-you-away Balearic visions can become even more vivid and pulsing.

Tempo lowered, Kryder hardwires rolling bass undulation into its looping, engaging ever-evolving main melody. Hovering its detuned pianoforte evocatively in the midrange, through hypnotic tom-tom percussion he brings greater yet focus to its groove. Spilling the mix over from trance into progressive, his weave of beach ether, bass throb, FX drift and heat-hazed piano all meet on one sensationally moment-capturing remix.

Kryder’s killer ‘When I Dream’ remix arrives today – dreamtime is but a click away

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Solarstone and Orkidea’s latest ‘Slowmotion’ strike receives its singles pin today.

Serializing singles have been a part of the electronic music landscape since Dave Clarke’s started adding numbers to his legendary ‘Red’ releases. There’s never been a sequence quite as enduringly and era-reflecting as Solarstone and Orkidea’s ‘Slowmotion’ series though. Essentially a musical testament to an evolving relationship between the two artists, it has waymarked their shared (and now decade-long) musical unity.

May sees the arrival of not just their latest coming-together, but also one of the most pivotal moments in Solarstone’s just-released 4th ‘Electronic Architecture’.

Naturally each ‘Slowmotion’ is its own entity, but the series is bound together – not just by numerals – but also an overarching tone and feel. That’s something that Richard & Tapio again lock into the earliest moments of ‘Slowmotion’s sixth, and never stop developing throughout.
Using a midtempo pace, they power it with a bass-led progressive roll, generating a Morodor-like neo-disco groove for the track. Firing cinematically spacey 80s FX through a modern day prism, the duo reinterpret them retro-futuristically, building the track up to its epically galactic conclusion.

Solarstone and Orkidea’s latest ‘Slowmotion’ strike receives its singles pin today. Find it through all good sales and streaming platforms now.


01. Solarstone & Orkidea – Slowmotion VI (Extended Mix)
02. Solarstone & Orkidea – Slowmotion VI (Original Mix)

Solarstone 'Nails' it with his remix for Hybrid.

Second single from electronic heavy hitters Hybrid’s forthcoming (sixth) studio album, and ‘Nails’ see’s the duo stray into propulsive 4/4 territory.

Charlotte Truman’s seemingly effortless delivery of an arena sized song is matched by co partner Mike’s steady unfurling of sonic pyrotechnics throughout as ‘Nails’ builds to a pounding, but never overstated climax, full of melody, scale and ambition.

On the remix front, Solarstone keeps the song structure in place, and melodies to the fore, but adds precision engineered rhythms and swelling builds for maximum summer dancefloor impact.

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Seven Cities (Remixes Pt. 1)

Revisiting Solarstone’s Balearic Trance anthem, Armada Music unveils ‘Seven Cities’ Remixes Part. 1. Picking up the tempo with a driving rendition, Argentinian rocketing producer Chris Schweizer takes the original to an alternative dimension. Keeping the pedal to the metal, French Trance Titan Ferry Tayle delivers a stunning interpretation, taking listeners on a journey across euphoric soundscapes. The penultimate track is Solarstone’s globally adored ‘Atlantis Mix’, followed by the captivating ‘Pure Mix’.

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Solarstone - Restless 4 a.m. (Parametrik Mix)

You may wonder who is behind the ‘Parametrik Mix’ of ‘Restless 4 A.M.’ … well it’s actually me… it’s not a new alias by the way – but I wanted to do a deeper, & more forceful / club-friendly version of the track which explored the ‘techno’ vibe of the original further, and the name ‘Parametrik’ just kind of popped into my head.

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