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Retro & summer vibes all over. Check out the official video of Solarcoaster (Marsh Remix) on Youtube.

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Pure bliss from Marsh.

Almost two decades after its original release, Solarstone’s classic ‘Solarcoaster’ now gets to embrace the unique production capabilities of U.K. creator Tom Marshall (Marsh). Infused with nothing but pure bliss through the gentle rhythms and tender sounds, this remix only heightens the broad appeal of a record that can only be deemed evergreen.

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Sample-driven trance with Solarstone's S3000.

For his first release of the new year, Solarstone brings in 2021 with something rather special. Bursting with more hooks than a fisherman’s net, the aptly titled S3000 (named in honour of the legendary Akai Sampler which revolutionised electronic music production in the nineties) marks a revisitation of sample-driven Trance. According to Solarstone “the creative use of samples in music production introduces a rich palette of sound-colour and diverse tonal elements which could be considered lacking in today’s VST preset culture”. The music speaks for itself.


Celebrating the 200th release on Pure Trance with a stellar remix of 'Herald'

Celebrating the 200th release on Pure Trance (established 2014) we present this stellar remix of Solarstone’s Herald by trance talent Corin Bayley. ‘Herald is one of those tracks with a long and interesting back story behind it – once of white labels, IDS and demands from fans for more information. Solarstone has been spinning this powerful melodic uplifting remix of the emotive ‘Herald’ as an ID for almost 2 years as a live set exclusive, always to a rapturous response – but now it finally gets a full release and will bring a bit of peace to those ID hunters who have been flagging it all along. Also included is the ‘Long Lost Version’. This version of Solarstone fan-favourite ‘Herald’ was the opening track of his now legendary 2014 Trancemission set and was held back for two years being originally tabled for a 2016 album project which morphed into part one of the ‘One’ triple album series. A club mix was eventually released in 2017 along with a remix from Transwave but this sought-after version never saw a release – until now.

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Listen to Nall's blissful rendition of 'Seven Cities'

Elevating listeners toward the highest reaches of nostalgia-infused euphoria, Parisian DJ and producer Nall shows off the full extent of his production capabilities through this gorgeous remix of Solarstone’s ‘Seven Cities’. Sitting perfectly alongside Solarstone’s twenty-year-old Atlantis Mix and the recent reimagination from fan favorite Tom Staar, this blissful rendition makes for an unparalleled listening experience for everyone who needs amazing music to dream to.

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It’s always summer somewhere. 'island' - the single lands today!

No man is an island and no one musician is the island, but for a producer who became the near physical embodiment of Balearic Trance, Solarstone’s affinity with Ibiza is clearer than most.

This summer, 20+ years on from ‘Seven Cities’, Solarstone recorded an album, which served as a sonic storyboard for the first 24hrs of any White Isle trip. Piling poignancy on poignancy and imagery on imagery, the last single to be drawn from it in 2020 is none other than ‘island’ itself.

The soundscape-suggestion of the album’s title (and opening) track couldn’t be much clearer. It echoes the inimitable pulse and thrill of arrival over Ibizan airspace, as blue gives way to beach, sea cedes to sand and rubber greets runway.

With a percussive skip to its opening moments’ step, Solarstone underpins ‘island’s wistful guitar lines with coolly grooving – and distinctly foot-moving – bass. Flute float and other evocative string-strummed instruments give it flight, before the majesty of its mainline brings the final encapsulation of its island-arrival theme.

A timely reminder that it’s always summer somewhere, Solarstone’s perfectly expanded new version of ‘island’ lands today and is available through all good streaming and sales platforms .

Tracklist: Solarstone: Island

01. ‘island’ (Original Mix)
02. ‘island’ (Extended Mix)

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Summer Fills The Sky

Last month ‘When I Dream’ became the first single sonic to be dispatched from Solarstone’s Ibizan album/loveletter, ‘island’. Joining it today, ‘Summer Fills The Sky’ expands on ‘island’s mission to musically encapsulate the 2020 White Isle expedition most had to forgo.

‘Summer Fills The Sky’ is Solarstone’s musical backing to that first full, uncheckable moment of rapture that every island tripper experiences. When the journey’s done and – viewed from balcony or beach – the point between the ocean below & the heavens above melts into one.

For its standalone release, Solarstone frees ‘Sky’ from album runtime constraints, developing its multiple themes into an epic, nigh-on-10-minute expansion. Sunkissed timbale rhythms underpin its curled acid, while vocoders grace the vocal and the harps & arps bring it its heart. Solarstone also turns ‘Summer’ into a family affair, with son Oscar playing session guitar on the track and making his recording debut in the process.

The Original and & Extended versions of ‘Summer Fills The Sky’ arrive on all good streaming & sales platforms today at this link. ‘island’, the full 10-track evocation of the first 24 hours upon Isla Blanca is available now and can be pre-ordered here (


Solarstone – Summer Fills The Sky (Extended Mix)
Solarstone – Summer Fills The Sky (Original Mix)

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Seven Cities Reimagined by Tom Staar.

A huge, no-holds-barred and emotionally charged remix from none other than Tom Staar, this brand-new rendition of Solarstone’s ‘Seven Cities’ celebrates the twenty-year anniversary of the unmistakably evergreen Trance anthem. From the iconic guitar-like synth soars to the pounding drums and stadium-quivering bass, this reimagination makes for quite a memorable ride on dance floors worldwide.

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The first 'island' single is here: when i dream

Initially written for his own lockdown-relieving fulfilment, this month ‘island’s music collection becomes something for everyone. An album for those who have to dream or recall, rather than first-hand-experience that place between sea and sky this year.

Prefacing its full release, its first single ‘When I Dream’ arrives today. The track – a confection of Ibizan inspirations – came to Solarstone, whilst he was mentally picturing past and future trips to the White Isle.

Closer ears will hear understated nods to Balearic classics throughout (N&K’s ‘Beachball’, Jaco’s ‘Show Some Love’ and even Solarstone’s own ‘Seven Cities’ among them). Its most clear and present influence however (a sample in fact) is paradoxically the track’s least evident.

Never envisaging a release for the production (chronologically it was the first that came into being), Solarstone took stock from ‘Virtual Reality’ by cult musical provocateur/arch avant-garde-ist Momus. As the track pile that ultimately became ‘island’ started to mount, Richard spotted a rather large hurdle ahead for ‘When I Dream’… In his 40-year career, Momus had yet to OK the use of a sample.

Never faint of heart however, Rich outreached, made contact and managed to secure ‘When I Dream’ an airing with Momus. That those samples appear unaltered in its opening minutes say all that’s necessary as to what transpired.

In title & tone ‘When I Dream’ (and indeed Momus’s ‘Virtual Reality’) embody the theme of the album at large: the imagined, recollected and mentally visualised island trip. You can find the Club & Extended versions of the single on all good streaming & sales platforms from today. Solarstone’s full 10-track evocation of the first 24 hours upon Isla Blanca is available from September 18th and can be pre-ordered here.

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