Our lives are so busy and complicated that we often don’t get the time (or make the time) to say ‘thank you’ to people who matter. My Father passed away over the New Year and, like many other people, I realised too late that I had never really said ‘thank you’ to him for the countless things he did for me or the sacrifices he made.

So I wrote ‘Thank You’ (based upon one of his favourite pieces of classical music – Handel’s ‘Largo’ – for precisely this reason. ‘Thank You’, the first single of my album entitled ‘. . – – – ‘ is released on April 27th, and I’m inviting you to be part of this message I would like to send out.

In an age where we tend to disconnect and lose ourselves in our individuality, our loved ones are sometimes taken for granted. Let’s remember to say ‘thank you’. Thank you – to the friend who’s always been by your side, the teacher who inspired you, the parent who’s always had your back, or anyone who deserves your gratitude.

If you wish, send me a picture of the person to whom you’d like to say thank you, and a brief story why via iinfo@puretrance.com, and it could be shared as part of my ‘Thank You’ campaign – via my online channels. Thank You.

Important note: Your submission might be made public, please be aware of this when submitting your picture & message.